Grupo Carbó Collbatallé has a network of 12 logistics platforms that grow and evolve to meet the needs of the local producers in each region.

The platforms are equipped with the latest technology in logistics management and temperature control. Together, they have a combined total area of 32,700 m2 and a capacity of more than 184,000 cubic metres.

This growth model allows us to provide a localised service to our customers and to streamline logistics processes, thus reducing transit times, which, in turn, enables us to offer highly competitive delivery costs and times.

In Barcelona, we have 6,800 active spaces, 2,200 spaces for intensive picking and 4,600 spaces for large stock. We also have 1,000 m2 of office space and vacant areas, should you wish to set up a business in our platform.

In Madrid, we have 8,700 active spaces and 1,350 m2 of office space.

In Valencia, we offer 3,300 active spaces and 2,000 m2 of office space in addition to 28 vehicle loading and unloading bays.