Grupo Carbó Collbatallé is a group of logistics companies specialised in maintaining the quality and food safety of refrigerated and frozen products from the producer to the consumer.

Transportation of refrigerated and frozen products

Perishable and frozen foods require special attention during transportation, as the slightest change in temperature can lead to their deterioration and loss of nutrients, resulting in a breakdown of trust between food producers and the end consumer.

Therefore, we have partnered with leading food brands to provide full food traceability throughout the cold chain.

We make sure that products are where they should be, when they should be and at the correct temperature.

360-degree logistics for perishable and frozen goods360-degree logistics for perishable and frozen goods

The experience gained over 42 years in the food industry and our focus on personal service have led us to develop a 360-degree approach to logistics. This approach encompasses the storage, preparation and distribution of products at a controlled temperature.

And, to ensure comprehensive and integrated management of cold-chain logistics, we have made an extensive 32,700-m2 network of logistics platforms available to clients in the major national markets. We also boast a fleet of state-of-the art multi-temperature vehicles.

Indeed, technological innovation is a distinctive feature of all our equipment and not only strengthens our commitment to food quality, but also allows us to be more environmentally friendly.