From the producer to the consumer, respecting the cold chain.

The storage and transportation of frozen and refrigerated products at a controlled temperature is a necessity, but it can also become a unique added value if performed quickly and to the highest standards of quality and safety.

This is why effective and precise cold-chain logistics are indispensable for food brands that wish to differentiate their products by quality.

Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated transport by a fleet of multi-temperature vehicles with GPS tracking and online temperature control.

Our refrigerated vehicles are equipped with multi-temperature units that allow us to transport frozen and refrigerated products separately in a single consignment.


Temperature-controlled food storage with frozen and refrigerated units to ensure that the cold chain is not broken in transit through our logistics centres.

In addition, our facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras, parking for all types of vehicles, storage for pallets and rolls and offices for rent. Carbó Collbatallé’s infrastructure is designed to provide maximum efficiency and convenience in food distribution.


End-to-end control of the logistics process, from the moment the goods are collected, to delivery to our platforms, through to distribution to the end customer.

We can ensure end-to-end temperature control so that the products reach the consumer with their organoleptic properties and quality fully intact.


Product traceability so you can check where the goods are and the status of orders at all times, thus avoiding stock-outs. We can work with our clients’ codes or we can create customised labels for integration with our own RF (radio frequency) system so that we have a real-time picture of the goods.

We also handle order picking and preparation. Likewise, we monitor stocks, articles, batches, movements and deliveries, generate personalised delivery notes and oversee delivery documentation.