Different delegations with a common method of work

Carbó Collbatallé has different delegations spread throughout Spain in which it responds to service needs. At the moment in which service problems are detected in a specific area, the company plans to open new platforms following the same method of common work in all its plants.
When opening a new delegation, the first thing the group is looking for is an ideal location or platform that responds to the needs of the moment. At the organizational level, the entire computer system is prepared to introduce the new delegation into the system and to function correctly. The staff is also trained at the Barcelona plant so that they can supervise the activity of the new plant. Finally, it is supervised remotely by the Group’s management staff as well as by the support department that the company’s head office has.
Although each delegation may have different operating methods, all factors are governed by the same operating system. Also, in Carbó Collbatallé highlights the human value of the company that makes each delegation have a team of key people for the execution of administrative tasks, exploitation and distribution of products from the area designated to that delegation.

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