Reduce the impact on the environment: a property in the DNA of Carbó Collbatallé

The main activity of the company Carbó Collbatallé is the distribution of merchandise by road, which involves the use of diesel and, therefore, combustion pollution. But to face it, the company has some measures to reduce its footprint in the environment as much as possible.
In the DNA of the group is to have the most modern tractors and cold equipment, which are only used for a maximum of three years to get the most efficient engines on the market. In this way, fuel is saved and the Carbo Collbatallé group can, in a short period of time, adapt to any technology (for example, the use of gas) that meets performance, economy and adaptation to the greatest reduction in emissions.
In addition, the company is immersed in processes of change that will revolutionize the way in which transport is understood, both by the energy to be used (electricity) and by the way in which the vehicle will be driven (assisted driving). For this reason, that Carbó Collbatallé does not have an asset in the fleet allows a greater adaptation, which translates into an improvement of the environment of profitability.

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